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10 Inch Short Handle Wheel Brush

10 Inch Short Handle Wheel Brush

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Flagged bristles make this brush safe on all wheel finishes!

My goal was simple: develop a wheel brush that was safe and effective for the wheels on my Newmar (Polished Alcoas) and my tow vehicle (Jeep Grand Cherokee). What sounds like an easy task quickly developed into a mission to find a brush that offered the perfect balance of stiff and soft bristles. I found it with the 10 Inch Short Handle Wheel Brush.

The 10 Inch Short Handle Wheel Brush features ultra-soft nylon bristles that are flagged at the tips. This enables maximum cleaning power without scratching delicate finishes. The molded shaft and soft rubber handle are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue on your hands and wrists while you clean wheels. When you're finished using the brush for the day, hang it on the wall using the hole in the handle. Brilliant!

10 Inches.