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Vinyl Cleaners & Protectants

You donít ignore your the glass, wheels, and paint on your RV, or the gel coat, non-skid and glass on your boat so why ignore your leather and vinyl?

Vinyl dashboards contain plasticizer oils that will leach out of the material if not cleaned and protected on a regular basis. Leather, when not properly cared for, becomes dry and brittle over time. McKee's 37 and McKeeís Marine & RV Leather/Vinyl care products contain durable UV inhibitors that help vinyl retain their vital plasticizer oils along with conditioning oils that keep leather soft and supple.

You can protect your boat's exterior seating from Mildew with our Mildew Protectant Spray and if it's already too late you can use our Mildew Remover to thoroughly clean your boat's surfaces to keep it from coming back. Nautical One is your true one-stop shop for all of your Marine Vinyl Care needs.