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Nautical One One Step Ceramic Polish, 128 oz.

Nautical One One Step Ceramic Polish, 128 oz.

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Cleans, Polishes, Ceramic Seals in ONE Step!

Formulated to replace the need for a light polish and ceramic sealant, One-Step Ceramic Polish simplifies the detailing process by saving you time and money! This easy to use polish removes light oxidation and staining while depositing a durable shell of ceramic sealant.

Shake well. Hand application: Apply a nickel-sized dollop of polish directly onto applicator sponge. Vigorously rub into surface until it turns clear. Buff to a high gloss using a microfiber towel. Machine Application: Apply an X of polish directly onto foam cutting or polishing pad. Spread polish over 2’ x 2’ area with the machine turned off. Rotary Polisher: Set speed between 800 and 1200 RPM. Dual Action Polisher: Set speed between 5000 and 6000 OPM. Using a slow arm movement with medium downward pressure, perform 4-5 section passes, or until polish turns clear. Remove excess polish using a microfiber towel.

128 oz.