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How to Coat Your Boat or RV with Virtually NO EFFORT!

Boating and RVing are two of the most coveted forms of recreation. When you finally have the means to get your dream boat or RV, you may not be thinking about maintenance. Your new toy is probably bigger than the family sedan, so you’re going to want the most effective products that require the least amount of effort to use. So how can you protect your boat or RV in minutes? With McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating of course! McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating creates incredible gloss and unmatched water beading with minimal effort. It truly is as simple as spraying onto the surface and rinsing it away with a strong jet of water. You can “wax” your boat or RV and still have time to enjoy it! You’ll also love the fact that McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating keeps surfaces cleaner between washes thanks to its extreme hydrophobic properties — a quick rinse will remove most dirt and grime!

When you’ve got a boat or RV you want to be using it not fussing with maintenance! The size of most RVs and boats is enough to drive some people to ignore waxing or sealing completely. So what’s a boat or RV owner to do when they want protection and gloss, but don’t want to take time out of their vacation to do ti? Coat it with McKee’s 37 Marine & RV Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating of course!


  1. Shake well.  Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  2. Apply AFTER you wash your boat or RV, while the surface is still wet. 
  3. Working on an area no larger than 10’ x 10’, spray Hydro Pearl directly onto the surface.
  4. IMMEDIATELY rinse off using a strong jet of water. 

Note: Apply to all hard, smooth surfaces (paint, gel coat, glass, metal).  Do not use on underfoot surfaces.

Hydro Pearl Sio2 Coating