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Nautical One Rust Stain Remover

Nautical One Rust Stain Remover

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Removes stubborn rust stains in seconds!

Nautical One Rust Stain Remover for Boats is powerful cleaner that is formulated to dissolve stubborn rust stains on gel coat, fiberglass, brightwork, splash wells, cup holders, gutter racks, vinyl upholstery, and virtually anywhere else rust stains accumulate over time. Formulated without acids or other caustic ingredients, this pH-balanced surfactant-based formula does more than just remove topical rust stains – it dissolves them! What’s more, Nautical One Rust Stain Remover for Boats changes color from clear to red as it breaks up, emulsifies, and dissolves rust stains. Spray on, allow to dwell for a minute, agitate, then rinse off! Your boat will be clean and rust-free after every application.

Do not allow cleaner to dry on surface! Working a small section at a time, spray Rust Remover for Boats directly onto the surface. Allow 1-2 minutes for the cleaner to penetrate as the color turns from clear to red. Then, agitate the area with a brush or sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Some rust stains might require more than one application.