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Nautical One Ceramic Spray Coating

Nautical One Ceramic Spray Coating


2 year ceramic protection for your boat!

This high-tech ceramic coating protects your boat with a long-lasting ceramic shield of protection. Compared to a traditional wax or sealant that wears off in months or even weeks, Nautical One Ceramic Spray Coating is designed to provide up to two years of protection in a spray! This spray on, wipe off formula coats your boat in half the time it takes to wax it. Ceramic Spray Coating helps resist damage caused by UV rays, salt degradation, and environmental pollutants.

22 oz.

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Kirby California
August 11, 2020
I would recommend to a friend
Amazing! Made my boat look as good as my black corvette! Beads water like crazy! I can't believe this worked as well as it did. A true ceramic!
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