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Nautical One Fast Cut Oxidation Remover, 128 oz.

Nautical One Fast Cut Oxidation Remover, 128 oz.

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Quickly removes heavy oxidation and staining

Designed to restore the shine and luster to dull, faded gel coat, Fast Cut Oxidation Remover quickly and effortlessly abrades years of dead gel coat to reveal a glossy surface. Fast Cut Oxidation Remover has a long working time, zero dust, and easy wipe off. Lubricating oils help prevent buffer hop while reducing sling.

Shake well. Apply an X of polish directly onto heavy cutting foam or wool pad. Spread polish over a 2’ x 2’ area with the machine turned OFF. Rotary polisher: Set speed between 1200 and 1500 RPM. Dual action polisher: Set speed between 5000 and 6000 OPM. Using a slow arm movement with heavy downward pressure, perform 4-5 section passes, or until the polish turns clear. Buff to a high gloss using a clean, soft microfiber or terrycloth towel. Follow with Nautical One Gloss Restoring Polish to further refine the surface.

128 oz.