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Nautical One Xtreme Mildew Remover, 128 oz.

Nautical One Xtreme Mildew Remover, 128 oz.


Gel formula clings for maximum mildew removal!

This viscous cleaner is formulated to cut through years of mold and mildew, leaving your vinyl seat cushions and rubber bumpers looking new. This thick, gel-like formula clings to vertical surfaces, allowing maximum dwell time so minimum agitation is required. Simply spray on, allow to dwell for a minute or two, and rinse off to reveal a clean surface. Use in conjunction with a brush for stubborn stains. Nautical One Xtreme Mildew Remover works great inside and outside the house too!

Directions: Spray directly onto surface and wipe clean using an old towel. Stubborn stains may require agitation with a nylon brush after allowing 3-20 minutes of dwell time. After cleaning, remove residue with a rag or strong jet of water from a hose. Once the material is dry, apply Nautical One Mildew Shield for Vinyl to protect the surface. NOT FOR USE ON TEXTILE SURFACES.

128 oz.

5 stars based on 1 reivew 
Anthony Palm City
March 24, 2021
I would recommend to a friend
Amazing Spray it onto the seat, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and boom your seat will look new. I am shocked at how well this works.
Pros:Destroys mildew
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