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Max's RV Mildew Remover

Max's RV Mildew Remover

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Rid surfaces of mildew and black streaks

Max's RV Mildew Remover is the fast, safe way to remove stubborn mildew from your boat or RV. This eco-friendly formula annihilates mildew with a few pumps of the trigger! Max's RV Mildew Remover is loaded with state-of-the-art cleaners instead of volatile chemicals so itís safe for use on virtually any surface including vinyl, gel coat, fiberglass, canopies, rubber fenders, grout, showers, countertops, sinks, and more! Max's RV Mildew Remover works especially well for removing black streaks


  • Easy to use ó just spray and wipe!
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Highly effective
  • Surface safe
  • Use on virtually any non-textile surfaces

No matter where you live, what you drive, or what your hobbies are one thing is for certain: Any place exposed to moisture is susceptible to mildew growth. And letís face it, cleaning mildew isnít fun or glamorous, or particularly rewarding, but it has to be done. Thatís where Max's RV Mildew Remover comes into play. This gentle, yet effective cleaner makes its easy to remove even stubborn mildew stains with minimal effort.

Max's RV Mildew Remover isnít like other high-test mildew removers that use bleach and other harsh chemicals that can damage the surface being treated. Instead, Max's RV Mildew Remover uses smart chemistry to remove the mildew without the risk of discoloration, over drying, or dulling of surfaces. Simply spray it on, allow it to dwell for a few minutes if desired, then wipe clean using an old towel.


  1. Spray directly onto surface and wipe clean using an old towel.
  2. Stubborn mildew stains may require 3-5 minutes of dwell time before wiping clean.
  3. Remove remaining residue with a strong jet of water.
  4. Dry surface.

22 oz.

Made in the USA

5 stars based on 1 reivew 
Don Georgia
September 12, 2018
I would recommend to a friend
Pleasantly surprised There's a lot of different mildew cleaners on the market but none of them worked as well as mckees. I'm a fan of this line for their auto care products plus wayne carini is a partner so I knew it was good stuff.
Pros:Removed mildew stains on my cushions
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