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Waxing an RV

Waxing your RV

Waxing your RV is essential to maintaining the color, shine, and integrity of the painted or gel coat finish. Our line of RV waxes are very durable in order to stand up to the sun and airborne pollutants. RV wax also makes regular cleaning easier and can make it harder for grime to stick to waxed surfaces. To prevent gel coat oxidation and color fading, waxing your RV is a must.  Normally if you've followed a multiple step process starting with either a dedicated compound and cleaner/polish or just a cleaner/polish, then you would apply a non-cleaning wax. In this case, you no longer need the cleaning power but instead want maximum protection.

Carnauba Sealant Wax provides protection for your RV that lasts the long haul
Apply by hand or machine using a soft foam waxing pad.
Carnauba Sealant Wax can be applied by hand or machine
Waxing by machine saves time and reduces effort. Our top pick for a dual action polisher that's safe and easy to use is the FLEX XC3401.

McKee’s RV Carnauba Sealant Wax combines all-natural carnauba wax with super slippery synthetic polymers. While each component in this unique formula has its own strengths and weaknesses, when combined they create a blend that provides the glossy, wet looking shine of a high-end carnauba paste wax with the rock-solid durability of a synthetic polymer – with no trade off!

We can’t stress this enough – waxing your RV shouldn’t be difficult! Bob McKee, the owner and founder of McKee’s RV feels the same way, which is why he commissioned his chemists to create a synthetic wax that is thick, easy to apply, and most importantly, one that lasts.

Once you wax your RV, don't ignore it. Regular application of McKee's RV Final Step Detail Wax will not only keep your RV looking great, but it will extend the wax protection.

What's a cleaner wax?

Cleaner waxes are designed to clean, polish, and protect the surface that they are applied to. While they all strive to achieve these goals, many formulas lack in one (or more!) of these areas. That’s not the case with McKee’s RV All-In-One Cleaner Wax & Sealant.This unique formula cleans to remove embedded dirt, polishes to remove swirl marks and oxidation, and seals for long lasting protection.

 RVs are BIG, and performing multiple steps can take days or even weeks! Whether your RV is brand new or showing signs of oxidation and fading, save time and money by detailing it in one step with McKee’s RV All-In-One Cleaner Wax & Sealant. Apply by hand or machine – you’ll never find a RV cleaner wax or all-in-one polish that is easier to apply and remove. Apply with the lightweight FLEX XC3401 dual action polisher and you'll wonder why you ever polished and waxed by hand. Not only will this machine save you time, but it will also produce much better results because the dual action head rotates and oscillates. Fear not, this is not a rotary tool so you don't have to worry about inducing swirl marks into the finish.

Use BOTH for maximum protection!

Two is always better than one, so why not apply both? Use All-In-One Cleaner Wax FIRST, and then follow it up with a quick coat of Carnauba Sealant Wax. Your RV will shine like a mirror!

Carnauba Sealant WaxCarnauba Sealant Wax
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