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Gold 360 Microfiber Towel, 3 Pack

Gold 360 Microfiber Towel, 3 Pack

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This versatile microfiber towel is ready to tackle any detailing task!

To say that I'm proud of what my supplier accomplished with the Gold 360 Microfiber Towel would be an understatement. It's not just a good towel, it's a GREAT towel that will surely become a staple in your arsenal of detailing supplies. What's so special about the Gold 360? It's simple: 360 GSM (grams per square meter) of pure luxury. Use the Gold 360 Microfiber Towel for buffing off waxes and polishes, wiping off spray waxes and detailers, or for interior dusting. The perfectly balanced 75/25 blend of polyester and polyamide makes this towel capable of removing stubborn polish residue without scratching delicate painted finishes.

The luxury characteristics of the McKee's 37 Gold 360 Microfiber Towel doesn't stop with its ultra-soft microfiber blend. The border is constructed of a silky-smooth satin, preventing any stitching from scratching. There's not a square inch on the Gold 360 Microfiber Towel that could pose any harm to your vehicle's paint. The Gold 360 Microfiber Towel is so good that I put my name on it!

16 x 16 inches
3 Pack