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Boat & RV Detailing Facts, Tips & Tricks

RV Detailing Guides

Proper care and maintenance is essential to keeping your recreational vehicles looking good and protecting their resale value long term. Regular RV care are easy with the right products and a little know-how.

Much like your car, an RV requires regular cleaning and waxing to keep it looking its best. Painted surfaces, fiberglass, leather, vinyl, wheels and tires and boat covers need to be properly cared for. Metal surfaces must be polished to remove salt corrosion and protected to slow down future corrosion. Wheels needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and to prevent oxidizing. RVs require a lot of the same maintenance steps as your car or truck.

With regular maintenance, all these jobs can be relatively quick and easy. When it comes to all boats and vehicles, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way.